Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jonny Hurt His Eye - Your Going to Love The Story

So it all started about 2 months ago when somehow I cut the Cornea of my eye. So my mama rushed me to that funny guy in the white coat who always says. This won’t hurt …..Yeah right if he didn’t always have a treat in his hand I would bite him! So he gave mama some medication and this thing…. “The Cone”

He wanted to see me back in 2 weeks to monitor my progress he told her as he latched this thing around my neck so tight I can’t get it off. I can’t scratch my ears or groom myself which is totally driving me nuts as I am a clean dog on a good day.

It got worse with thing as I couldn’t get out the dog door, reach the food or water in my bowl, and when I did get outside this cone kept scooping up the dirt every time I tried to find a spot to do my business in.

When I went in for my check up we asked for a shorter cone but the Doc doesn’t want anything touching my eye (I think he means me). Because of my breed I am a stout fine looking masculine mix with a big bold neck. My 15 pound body does not fit into the smaller cones. So I tolerated it for a few more weeks but my eye was not getting any better and now my ears were beginning to burn. The inside of my ears were bright red and mama looked at my gums and said they were pail.

So this time we went to a special eye doctor who suggested I may be allergic to the plastic in the cone and suggested these things for mama to get for me. Mama called up this company called and explained our situation and one of the lady’s there was all too happy her find them in the Optical Factory store near our help…(If I ever find that Libby lady, I’m gonna bite her ankles, now there will be NO WAY for me to itch my eye)

You gotta wonder what the humans were smoking when they came up with these… Sunglasses for Dogs… Whooda thunk it.

They strap on both behind my ears and under my chin so I can’t get them off. They are UV Ray protective and have a soft foam to fit snug around my face, they block the wind yet allow air to my infected eye.

Well I guess they are pretty cool and I sure do get allot of lovin when I where them outside, but let’s face it..I’m a living doll.

So now I am getting better, and mama is getting hip to my tricks there were a few times she was trying to put those drops in my eye and I would act like she got it in there and whimper and rub my face on the carpet looking so loathly, but I guess one time I acted a little to soon and she said, “ I haven’t even taken the cap off yet” from then on she gets me in this vice grip and I fight her with all my might, but I always loose ….That may be why my eye is getting better.

I saw some dogs at that special guys office who had one eyeball!!!!! I am still young and need my beautiful face for my modeling career.

So Thank You Doggles for saving my eye, and thank you to the Veterinarian who prescribed them and thank you for all the cookies.

Mama says if I wear my Doggels in the car I can hang out the window a lil bit and sniff the fresh air, she always afraid I’ll get carried away and fall out..

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