Sunday, November 29, 2009

Had a great Thanksgiving

Katie, Cindy, my hubby and I had a great Thanksgiving. We all ate too much turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy. The gravy was homemade old fashioned gravy, yummy the very best.

We all went for a long hike before settling down with the family for dinner. The girls ran and ran. We go to an off leash area, great for big and small dogs alike.

Cindy has arthritis in her hips so she is always sore after the hikes, but she tries really hard to keep up with Katie. I think having Katie around keeps her young.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Share your pictures and stories

If you have any pictures or stories that you would like to share, Katie and I would love to post them on our blog. Leave a comment and a way to contact you, I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Katie's Mommy.

A Day in the Snow

When Katie was two years old we took her to Lake Tahoe to play in the snow; what fun we had.

We went to Snow Park to slide down the hill on our foam sleds. I started first and Katie of course followed me up the hill. On my way down, she ran next to me causing me to fall off.

She then grabbed the foam sled and pulled it up the hill herself. She let go of it and ran after it. She was able to get her front legs on the sled and and go dow the hill on the sled. It was so cute and funny, I wish we had a video camera so that I could have recorded it.

My husband and Katie ran up that hill and sledded down it several times. Katie was so happy. Cindy Katie's senior sister and I watched from the sidelines.

Here is a picture of Katie and Cindy on that great day in the snow. Can't wait to go play again this year.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some Pictures of Katie Rose

I thought that I would share with you some of Katie's pictures. She is so sweet, she loves to run and play frisbee. She loves to hike but is having a hard time swimming.

Katie lives with her mommy, daddy and her older sister Cindy. Cindy is 12 years old. We like to go to Lake Tahoe and hike and swim. Lake Tahoe is Katie's very big back yard. Katie loves to play in the snow too.

Enjoy the pictures.

Where Has the Time Gone

Katie and I have been very busy and time has flown by. Katie feels bad that she has not been in contact with everyone.

Halloween has past and Katie would really love it if you would like to share your halloween photos.

As with the first photo contest, save a link to your photos and Katie and I will post them on our website.

Thanks for sharing. :O)